A Tale of Two Markets



June 11th, 2019

**A Tale of Two Markets**

There are two markets for each of the TROPTIONS, XTROPTIONS.GOLD, XTROPTIONS.AUS and TROPTIONS.GOLD.

There is the barter market, where TROPTIONS are being traded directly for goods and services and there is the exchange market where TROPTIONS are traded (very occasionally) for other coins that can more readily be turned into cash.

One market has nothing to do with the other market, but they will begin to affect each other.

Someone may sell on the exchange market which is not encouraged by Troptions Corporation, supported by a balanced number of buyers nor promoted by anyone.

All that happens is they will sell at a steep discount, because there are no or few buyers. This drives the price down for everyone (including the seller), BUT it only drives the price down on the DEX – The Decentralized Exchange and that price will be reflected in the automated calculations in your wallet app.

The wallet apps have made it so convenient to use TROPTIONS, but the REAL




Deals are done in the peer to peer Barter market, where TROPTIONS are traded for cars and trucks and land and jewelry and companies, and other Goods and Services.

The exchange markets are the haven of those who want to speculate, buy low – sell high or buy high – sell low.

In all fairness, some of those people just need or want to make a buck or two; and take some wealth off the table. The problem is that until the exchange market has been developed and promoted and supported  (and we are working very hard to get there) then there is no real exchange market.

A market has to have three things to be viable: 1. A marketplace, 2. Sellers, and 3. Buyers

Good luck having two out of three!

If you are able to sell your TROPTIONS on an exchange market – at all – you will suffer a deep discount.


Sell $1000 worth of TROPTIONS for $100 on the exchange market to get your nails done


Learn how to use a barter market and get your nails done for $100 worth of TROPTIONS and save $900 Worth of TROPTIONS.

Eventually these markets will merge.  People will figure out that they don’t want to lose $900.

To solve this issue in the meantime, we will be posting the official price of:  XTROPTIONS.GOLD, XTROPTIONS.AUS and TROPTIONS.GOLD

on TroptionsXchange.com and facebook.com/troptionsxchange

This is the price that you can use for direct trading/bartering and we will support you and that price.  If you need more TROPTIONS to complete a deal, we are there for you.

If you sell your TROPTIONS on an exchange for 10 cents on the dollar…you are on your own.

Garland E. Harris, Founder