TROPTIONS – “The Groundbreaking Currency”

A great article was recently put out into the cyber sphere on TROPTIONS my favorite subject, so I thoroughly enjoyed hearing more of the buzz about TROPTIONS. Here is the article below. (Remember I didn’t write it so there may be some typo’s). Click the title to see the actual article. Thanks!  – Safia Harris

Troptions currency – The groundbreaking currency

2018 was the year of cryptocurrency, even a 14-year-old kid can testify to that. Bitcoins overshadowed the cryptocurrency world and brought the awareness of digital money to the general public. The currency skyrocketed up to 1000% and before the end of 2018, investors were scrambling for it.

Either way, the storm is still on. Blockchain technology has proven to be ground-breaking. It has changed the way, we perform transactions. The problem is holders of cryptocurrency still struggle to use their currency in the real world. So while, cryptocurrency is becoming part of everyday life, they are yet to make their way into the real world.

The number one question Newbie’s and outsiders in the cryptocurrency space ask is: how can I spend my currency? What can you actually do with it?  Cryptocurrency is more than an investment medium. There are a new means for transacting and exchanging.

Many cryptocurrencies on the marketplace are difficult and cumbersome to use, especially for newbies. Most of them require you to register with an exchange, set down money, validate your information, and wait for 1 or 2 months before you can finally your withdraw money.  Also, slowdowns and the outages affect the marketplace.

What is the biggest reason why cryptocurrency has not become generally accepted?  It’s the usability. It seems nearly impossible to spend your cryptocurrency like a fiat currency.  It’s not like you can use bitcoins to buy apples at a local grocery store.

If we want cryptocurrency to achieve wide adoption, then we need to make it quick and easy (less techie) for people to use.

This is why troptions was created. Troptions is a cryptocurrency that can be used for real-time business transactions. The coin was originally developed in 2004 as a barter coin but became a cryptocurrency in 2016. Troptions is the next generation of cryptocurrency!

Troptions was designed, conceived and developed by business people who are fully aware of the blockchain technology and its capabilities.Troptions is a Coin know as a Proof Of Use Coin.Which means you can use it daily.

The previous generation of cryptocurrency focuses on the technical aspect of the blockchain technology which is: security, decentralization. Great! But the technical aspect of cryptocurrency adds nothing to its usage in the real world.

Troptions focuses on real-world transactions through the blockchain technology. It has bridged the gap between blockchain technologies, consumers, and businesses. Troptions enables secured B2C and B2B transactions on the marketplace.

In simple terms, Troptions allows regular customers to perform day-to-day transactions without having to convert their coins to regular currencies. The coin can be used to buy goods and services.And can also be used thur the Troptions ECO System of Merchants that now except the CryptoCurrency from it’s customers.

Troptions also offers a Free University for consumers to sign up and get educated about cryptocurrency @.

Troptions is a ground-breaking coin built on the blockchain technology. With troptions, you can buy, sell, and trade your coins for other goods and service’s peer-to-peer or trade for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies through the


One day, cryptocurrency will replace fiat money. Troptions is on a mission to replace regular money. You can call it the “The King of Coins”. It is a global currency that can be used anywhere in the world. The emergence of troptions is a one-step forward in the cryptocurrency world and the demand will increase slowly as the general public becomes aware of it. For more informations on The King Of Coins go to:

There Is A Difference

Prepare yourself for the greatest transfer of capital in the history of the world!  It’s not too late for you to get in on the ground floor of this incredible transformation of the global markets.

* Did you know crypto currency will create more millionaires and billionaires then any product or service since the beginning of time?

* Did you know in 2017 there were over 400 billion dollars’ worth of stuff purchased with crypto currency?

* Did you know that in 2018 there will be over 2.5 trillion dollars’ worth of purchase done with crypto currency and by 2020 that will go up to 8.5 trillion dollars’ worth of purchases done with crypto currency?

* Did you know that over 40% of the crypto currencies are no longer around?  Do you know why?

Get the answers to these important questions and discover all the hidden secrets you need to navigate the cryptocurrency landscape.  If you’re going to invest in cryptocurrency; you need to know the direction this industry is going and what’s hot and what’s not.

*        Did you know the Average crypto currency has only been around for less than 12 months?

Why Troptions?

*        Troptions has a 14-year track record

*        Troptions has purchased over 1.8 billion dollars of assets using Troptions

*        Troptions is leading the way in creating new Technology for the crypto world.

*        Troptions can show you proven secrets to making the purchases you want.

*        Troptions continues to go up in value each day.

*        Troptions can be used daily for your needs.

*        Troptions offers educational workshops and weekly conference calls for its holders.

*        Troptions is leading the way in the crypto market with new systems

*        Troptions is expanding worldwide, in: Australia, India, Africa, Asia, Korea, China

*   Troptions has a team of proven experts you can contact and get your questions answered!

The Cryptoconnect Team is here to help you learn about…

*        The Blockchain

*        Exchanges

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