Breaking Down Our Understanding Of TROPTIONS/XCP and Proof Of Use

Counterparty <XCP> and understanding how unique the TROPTIONS revolutions is to other tokens. Proof of Use –REMEMBER: It is not a currency as such, but it is an asset, a product, a commodity a credit. That may not sound sexy, however, terms are of import when it comes to securities which TROPTIONS are not!

TROPTIONS were originally born to solve three major problems with currencies in the barter or trade exchange industry. Barter is the direct (peer to peer) trading or swapping of goods or services for other goods or services. Barter was the first method of exchange and pre-dates currencies. Barter has three inherent inhibitors to robust commerce.

1.) Divisibility or fractionalization. If a certain horse is worth two pigs, how do you divide a horse in half to trade for one pig?

2.) Portability. How do I carry my pig around everywhere in case I want to trade?

3.) Information accessibility. How do I find out easily and quickly what I can trade my pig for and who would want to trade for it?

In 1960 the first trade exchange was developed to facilitate transactions using a barter currency or “trade dollar”. This replaced the need for one to one transactions and solved the problems of direct barter for a limited number of member clients within the system, but added the friction of fees and the necessity of trusting a third party record keeper.


There is more fund at this party when purchasing XCP  It hit $5.00 not that long ago.  With the growth of the asset TROPTIONS, it could exceed BTC in market cap.  XCP breakout is soon!

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