Everybody needs fuel- Why not fill up with Counterparty’s premium XCP!

Gasoline, Electricity, Protein – Fruits & Vegetables are fuels

If you wish to go from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ one will need fuel. This might helps in understanding XCP value in the ecosystems.

XCP is the fuel for smart contracts. When smart contracts are running, fuel is used for each execution step. Appropriately enough, this fuel is burned (destroyed). This means that the supply of XCP is continuously decreasing. However, the cost of fuel adjusts proportionally as the supply of XCP goes down so that it cannot reach 0.

XCP is always the easiest token to trade against, as it is represented across all exchanges that support Counterparty. It is also used for anti-spam fees when registering named tokens, and when making distribution payments to token holders. The betting system also uses XCP.

XCP cannot exist without Bitcoin, XCP is your fuel to TOPTIONS.

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